William (Bill) Prosser, President and CEO of Patriot Services Group Inc., joined the US Navy in 1991, which has lead to over 30 years of continuing service to the US Navy and the United States of America. Bill has been both a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and has served multiple tours in Afghanistan in Security Patrol Capacities. After answering the call for his country, Bill decided it was time to leverage his unique background and training to serve and protect his community.

Patriot Services Group Inc. offers a comprehensive security service to residents of Alabama and beyond. To date, Patriot Services Group Inc. continues to develop customized security solutions to suit the individual needs of its clients. Our security staff is trained to evaluate the needs of the customer and provide a customized service to their satisfaction.

We understand that no security program can be properly executed without the right people. That’s why we perform thorough screenings and background checks on all our security guards. We ensure that all security personnel that we hire are not only qualified, but also have the experience to provide the highest level of service.

Patriot Services Group Inc. personnel are Security licensed, qualified and insured security officers capable of providing you unmatched security services in your residential or commercial property. We have a team of articulate, trained and fluent security officers who are well trained to deal with customers, manage security concerns and act professionally. All our staff has excellent communication and have undergone professional firearms training to provide the best protection for our clients and assets.

We have a combined experience of more than 40 years in the security industry. Our officers are able to diffuse situations quickly and discreetly whenever there is a need. We have strict confidentiality procedure, which all our officers must adhere to. When you hire Patriot Services Group Inc. expect a reliable, professional and quality service. We can meet the demands of the construction, retail, educational, sports and entertainment sectors. Our company has an ambitious and active team that has grown significantly over the years due to our high standards of professionalism.

“We Protected Our Country, Now It’s Time To Protect Our Communities.”