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Security Guard Training Levels Clanton, Alabama

A good security guard company Clanton, Alabama will provide comprehensive training and continuous work training to its employees before and after they are deployed to the field. This is because most guards are hired without any prior training besides a high school diploma and a clean criminal record. There are various stages of training for security guards Clanton, Alabama, armed guards Clanton, Alabama and bodyguards Clanton, Alabama before they can be certified as security professionals.

Common industry knowledge covers the basics of security guards Clanton, Alabama training regardless of the area of specialization that the individual would like to venture into. Common industry knowledge training will be carried out upon first recruitment and most security guards Clanton, Alabama would have to complete these training before being deployed to any position in the field. This level of training covers topics such as:

• Awareness of the law and the private security industry: This section covers the roles of a private security guard in relation to the law, what they can and cannot do with the authorities given.
• Health and safety of a private security operative
• Fire safety awareness and what to do in case of a fire
• Emergency procedures such as CPR, First Aid, emergency evacuations in case of a natural disaster
• The security guards Clanton, Alabama will also learn more about the Private Security Industry
• Communication skills and customer care are also crucial parts of training for security guards Clanton, Alabama.

With this kind of training, the guards can be deployed in most low security risk locations such as customer service desks, manning entrances and exists as stationary guards, securing commercial parking lots and so on.

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Specialist training is important for all types of guards. Although the extent of topics covered may vary depending on the position that the individual will be deployed to. However most guards will start at the unarmed security guards Clanton, Alabama job level and rise through the ranks to armed guards Clanton, Alabama and bodyguards Clanton, Alabama with more specialized training and experience.

Specialized training teaches specific security office skills such as:

• Access control
• Patrolling
• Searching
• Security Technology Systems
• Communication, reporting and record keeping

This kind of training can be delivered continuously when the security guard is already on the job, as most of it requires practical field lessons.

With more experience and training on the job, security guards Clanton, Alabama can expect to move on to higher security risk positions like armed guards Clanton, Alabama and bodyguards Clanton, Alabama. Further training may depend on the industry where one is deployed such as schools, hospitals, banks and so on. Most common specialization training includes Firearms Handling, Weapon Retention, Conflict Management and Close protection among others.

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