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Types of Security Guards Gardendale, Alabama


Federal law enforcement officers do a great job in keeping the general safety and security of all citizens. However, due to a difference in numbers, they are not able to provide the detailed security necessary for all commercial properties or residents. This is where security guards Gardendale, Alabama come in. They bridge the gap between the reach of government law enforcement and personal security.


There are two main types of security guards Gardendale, Alabama. Proprietary guards or in-house guards are security guards Gardendale, Alabama that are directly hired by businesses and individuals to provide security. Unfortunately, proprietary guards are usually undertrained and do not work for any security corporation. A security guard company Gardendale, Alabama can have various types of security guards Gardendale, Alabama who serve in providing various levels of security. They are referred to as contract guards and work with other guards within the same company.


Security guards Gardendale, Alabama can be categorized to three main functions:

  • Static guards are professional armed guards Gardendale, Alabama or security guards Gardendale, Alabama who are designated to specific area and are obligated to guard that area until they are relieved. Examples of static guards are those manning entrances and exists of buildings.
  • Patrol guards are mobile and cover a bigger area of responsibility that entails moving around. They can be equipped with partners, bicycles, motorcycles or patrol vehicles. They are more often involved in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Undercover guards, most often bodyguards Gardendale, Alabama, do not wear uniforms. They are meant to stay hidden and they are usually deployed to special events and to provide close security to V.I.P.’s


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With these general classifications, security guards Gardendale, Alabama can also further be described according to their roles and training:

  1. Personal guards or bodyguards Gardendale, Alabama are assigned to provide full proof physical security to the employers. Bodyguards Gardendale, Alabama will be with their employers everywhere. They usually undergo weapons training and licensing to allow them to operate firearms.
  2. Armed guards Gardendale, Alabama also undergo firearms handling training and licensing. However, they are not necessarily bodyguards. Armed guards may be deployed as security officers in residential and commercial posts for businesses or individuals of high net worth. They are often involved in theft and violence detection, client safety and secure transportation of valuable goods.
  3. Unarmed security guards Gardendale, Alabama are not necessarily unarmed, they are only referred to as so because they do not undergo firearms training and are not licensed to carry firearms. However, they are usually equipped with other weapons such as taser guns, pepper spray, batons and handcuffs. They are also involved in both commercial and residential security services as static and patrol guards.


Choosing the security guard company Gardendale, Alabama greatly depends on your security needs. In most cases, armed guards Gardendale, Alabama and bodyguards Gardendale, Alabama are only necessary for high security risk situations. Unarmed security guards Gardendale, Alabama are usually an ideal solution for general security requirements for commercial and residential posts. They are trained for security threat detection, fast response, hand-on combat, first aid and CPR among other important security measures. The presence of uniformed guards is often enough to deter wrongdoers whether the guards have guns or not.


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