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Becoming a Security Guard in Prattville, Alabama


Security guards Prattville, Alabama provide round the clock security services in various positions working closely with law enforcement authorities to identify, neutralize threats and prevent or stop crime. If you are keen on public safety, customer service, tactical training and have great people skills, then being a certified security professional will be a great fit for you. You may be wondering what it takes to become part of the teams of security guards Prattville, Alabama.


Security guards Prattville, Alabama are entry-level jobs and you will not need much more than a high school diploma before going into security guard training, which is usually done by the hiring security guard company Prattville, Alabama. In case you want to pursue additional education, you can go for a course like criminal justice by getting an associate’s degree. Due to the nature of the job, you will need to have a good criminal record since most security companies do a criminal records check and will often avoid hiring high-risk individuals, especially to protect high value property. Personal qualities that will work great for you include good communication skills (orally and in writing), quick and critical thinking, good judgment, customer service focus and great teamwork among others.


If you meet all of these criteria, any security guard company Prattville, Alabama will have no problem making you part of their team. Additionally, being in great state of physical and mental health will make it easier to land a position in a security company. This is because the training and work involves a lot of physical exertion.



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Once you are hired by a security guard company Prattville, Alabama, you will need to complete certain amounts of training, depending on the state regulations and the position you are hired for. All basic training for security guards Prattville, Alabama is the same upon hire while armed guards Prattville, Alabama and security guards Prattville, Alabama will need more extensive training due to the use of firearms. Most security guard companies will also provide ongoing work training to ensure that their security guards Prattville, Alabama keep up with any updates on state and local laws of security operations.


There are some helpful skills and experience that can earn you better positions in security companies besides the entry-level security guards Prattville, Alabama. Individuals with knowledge of second languages or higher degrees usually have an added hiring advantage. It also helps if you have previous experience in the military or law enforcement as most of the basic skills such as tactical training and weapons handling are already covered.


There are various areas to work once you become a security guard in the private sector. Businesses often employ security guards Prattville, Alabama in banks, hospitals, schools, office buildings and commercial stores among other areas. Armed guards Prattville, Alabama are often involved in retail loss protection, armored car guards in transportation of valuables and so on. Bodyguards Prattville, Alabama offer close protection services to VIPs.


Patriot Services Group is an equal opportunity employer that provides a great working environment for security guards Prattville, Alabama. The professional team has made it the most sought after security company in the area. If you would like to request our services or know more about us, give us a call or drop us an email.


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