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Questions to Ask a Security Guard Company Wetumpka, Alabama


If you are thinking of hiring a security guard company Wetumpka, Alabama there are several questions you need to ask so that you know if you are making the right decision. Entrusting your security to someone else is a big deal, and you need to be able to fully trust the security guard company Wetumpka, Alabama that you hire. This trust is earned when the company is able to give credible answers to the questions listed below:


Are you licensed?

When dealing with service providers, it is always a wise idea to get a company that is licensed, and this applies to security guard companies as well. Security guard companies are licensed by the Department of Public Safety. A licensed security guard company Wetumpka, Alabama will give you the assurance that the security guards you hire have been screened and documented during the recruiting process.


What kind of training do your security guards Wetumpka, Alabama go through?

In today’s modern world, with the numerous security threats that companies and individuals are faced with, it is not enough for a security guard to be well-built and theoretically trained in security matters. Hands-on training and experience in weapons technology, counter-terrorism and even public interaction and situational awareness are some of the things you should be looking out for in the answers.


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Is the company insured?

It is an industry standard for a security guard company Wetumpka, Alabama to be insured so that liabilities can be easily covered by the company. Make sure that the security guard company you choose has adhered to this standard.


Are the security guards Wetumpka, Alabama monitored?

It is common practice for security guards to work at night, during weekends and even during off hours. Lack of oversight is one of the main complaints among clients of security guard companies. A good security guard company will ensure that there’s a clear chain of command among the armed guards Wetumpka, Alabama and that communication is maintained even during off-hours. Many companies will track their guards using GPS tracking technology and even have regular updates on a predetermined schedule. This not only assures the safety of the security guards but also ensures that the client’s premises are getting the right security coverage.


Does the security guard company Wetumpka, Alabama offer regular security reports?

A reputable security guard company will keep logs of security incidents which they then share with their clients. If the security guard company Wetumpka, Alabama you are intending to hire doesn’t provide this, how else are you going to keep track of your security matters?


Does the company operate 24 hours?

You cannot allocate a few hours per day to security as you never know what happens when you go home or during the off hours. If you are thinking of getting some bodyguards Wetumpka, Alabama for yourself or your company, you need to find out if you get 24 hour support from the security guard company. This will come in especially handy during emergencies.


Is security their main service or an add-on?

You do not want to hire a cleaning company that offers security as an add-on, as this might not be a priority offering and as such you might not get the right value for your money. Be sure to ask whether the security guards Wetumpka, Alabama you are hiring are the main focus of the company, or just another offering from a jack of all trades kind of company.


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